tired SLP

Are you too busy to plan your speech therapy sessions?

Do you want to provide quality therapy, but without sacrificing your work-life balance?

Do you struggle to find engaging telepractice materials?

If you said yes, you’re in the right place!

Introducing the
Digital SLP

Designed to provide you with creative resources that save you valuable time.

Time saver.

A majority of the resources are no prints and no prints are a huge time saver. These are speech therapy materials that are ready to use immediately after you download. That means no cutting, laminating, or printing!

Ink saver.

When you choose to use your credits to download no prints, you are saving ink! Since they are accessed from your device, there is no need to print them. The great part is that you still get to use awesome graphics to capture your students’ interest without the cost of using a ton of ink.

Space saver.

Because the files are digital, they are all stored on your device which means more space in your speech room! No need to worry about complex organizational systems as you acquire more no prints, how many other therapy materials can you say that about?

Sanity saver.

Sometimes you just don’t have the time to plan your sessions like you wish you could. We’ve done the hard work for you and put together an awesome materials library of no prints and printables that you and your students will love to use for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Digital SLP Membership?  
The Digital SLP membership is a collection of resources and materials for busy speech-language pathologists.
How much is it?
This model of membership offers affordability for SLPs.  This was a really important feature to me because I know many SLPs are paying out of their own pocket.  Instead of offering everything up for download at once, a credit system is in place.  By using this credit system, I am able to better protect my work, which means I don’t have to factor this into your monthly membership fee, which means a lower rate for you!  Currently, the membership is priced at only $14.99/month.  As new resources are added in the future, the cost will go up.  Join now for the biggest savings!
What is a credit based system?
This is a system where you receive credits each month to apply toward what you would like to download.  Each month, you get 5 credits.  You can use those credits however you wish.  5 credits will generally allow you to download anywhere from 3-5 therapy materials.
Do my credits roll over?
Absolutely!  Your credits roll over and don’t expire.  So, if you’re all set for materials one month, they’ll be waiting for you next month when you need them.
What if I run out of credits?
If you use all 5 credits and still are in the need of additional materials for the month, there are two great ways to get more.  Option one is to purchase them at a discounted rate of 5 additional credits for $5.  If you do the math here, you’ll see it’s a steal.  Each product offered is $3-$10.  With a $5 purchase in credits, you get anywhere from $15-$25 worth of materials.  Option two is that you can refer a friend to sign up.  By doing this, you get 5 bonus credits!
What types of digital downloads are offered?
The file library consists of no print items (meaning you can use them on your computer or tablet without the need to prep or print them out) and printables.  The focus of this membership is to save you time, so the no print library will be growing drastically over the course of the next year.  However, unless you’re doing teletherapy, you probably are looking for some fun printable activities too, so those are provided as well.  They all use the same credit based system, so you choose which products work best for you and your clients/students.  In addition to materials, video files have been newly added to provide you with quick summaries of research articles and provide you with therapy tips and tricks.
What if I have other questions?
Sure, ask away!  Send your question to jessica@thespeechspace.com and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

What are Digital SLP Members Saying?

I love the value of the website. It’s also nice to have a ‘one stop shop’ and I love the clipart you use. I’m very excited to have this website as a resource!
Blayke B.
The no-print materials were a no-brainer for me. They are effective, practical, and motivating to the kids! The no print materials are cost effective with no prep and/or required storage in my tiny speech space.
I’m so glad I signed up for this. I was on the fence, but the activities are fantastic and, the best part, no prep time! I can download any activity and use it in therapy immediately.

Digital SLP Platinum Membership

$14.99per month
  • Each month you will receive 5 credits/month to download the materials of your choice (valued at approx $15-$25 in materials).
  • A variety of materials are offered in “no print” and “printable” formats.  You choose what works best for your caseload at the time.  They are yours to keep FOREVER!
  • You receive full access to a growing library of freebies.
  • You will receive unrestricted access to educational videos that review the latest research in 5 minutes or less (valued at approx $19 each month).
  • The cost will continue to go up as the site resources continue to grow, but your rate stays the same.
Ready to save time, space, and sanity?